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Lumia 1020 Freeze Bug

Freezing Bug Found On Two Windows Phone Handsets

Not often do we hear of Windows Phone issues like this, but a freezing bug has been unearthed on two high end Lumia smartphones running…


Nokia’s Newest Ad Goes After Apple’s iPhone 5 Camera

Go back a few years and Nokia, along with the likes of Samsung was one of the few mobile phone makers that truly focused on…


Limited Edition Man Of Steel Lumia 925 Rumored For June Release

Now this is a rumor that will surely not surprise those of you that are as interested in cinema as you are in mobile technology….


T-Mobile May Consider Offering The 32GB Nokia Lumia 925

The Finnish telecommunication giant recently unveiled the Lumia 925, but unlike previous launches, Nokia was distinctly clear this time around from the word go about…


Week In Review (May 13 – May 17)

This was another week where Windows Blue (now confirmed as Windows 8.1) ruled the news. In between, Microsoft finalized its preparations to released Surface Pro…


Nokia Details Lumia 925 Availability, O2 UK To Get Exclusivity On White

Following the anticipated unveil of the premium Lumia 925 earlier today wireless carriers have started announcing their plans to add the new smartphone to their…


Nokia Announces The Lumia 925, Set To Arrive In June

The Finnish telecommunication giant finally unveiled the upcoming Nokia Lumia 925 smartphone, and the new smartphone is set to arrive on store shelves starting next…