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Have £299 To Spare? You Can Get A Lumia 930 With Free Fitbit Flex

Finally, some Lumia 930 news. Microsoft’s strategy of delaying the launch of new Windows Phone flagships handsets until later this year when Windows 10 for Phones see daylight is having its effects. In order to move inventory,

Video Highlights The 4K Capabilities Of The Lumia 930

Lumia 930 already comes with some of the best imaging capabilities available on mobile devices, thanks to its downright terrific camera, but the latest Lumia Denim update amplified them further. The newest firmware brings with it a

Denim Update Released For More Lumia 930 Handsets

Boy, the Denim Update for Lumia handsets is turning out to be a rather slow process overall. The rollout began last year, still continues, but carriers and networks are taking their sweet time here. Microsoft has not

Microsoft Launches Lumia 930 And Lumia 830 Gold Editions

There’s a bit of a gold rush going on, you may have noticed. And the gold plated Lumia 930 and Lumia 830 are proof of that. These exquisite Lumia handsets are limited edition, of course. And available

Microsoft Lumia 940 Specifications Leak Out

That’s more like it! With Windows Phone focusing on midrange and budget devices, the platform has lost a bit of luster. The Microsoft Lumia 940, however, aims to set things straight. Some early specifications of the device

Leaked Nokia Lumia 830 Render Compares It To Lumia 930

Since press renders that leak out are not always drawn to scale, they are best taken at face value. This new Nokia Lumia 830 render, for instance, shows it alongside the Lumia 930. And it confirms that

New Nokia Lumia 930 Ad Showcases Its Capabilities

Things have been moving fast on the Windows Phone front, with Windows Phone 8.1 rolling out globally, and Windows Phone 8.1 GDR1 already announced. Or Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1, if you will. Perfect time for Microsoft

Nokia Lumia 930 Officially Goes On Sale This Week

A new flagship is in town! Microsoft Mobile have recently confirmed that Nokia Lumia 930, its latest Windows Phone 8.1 device will be available for purchase this week around the globe. It has been a long wait

New Nokia Lumia 930 Ad Is About More Than Just The Smartphone

Microsoft’s newest mobile wonder, the Nokia Lumia 930 is now available for preorder in a number of markets across Europe, and has already started to ship in some other. And to promote this latest Windows Phone 8.1

Nokia Lumia 930 Is Now Official, Takes Its Place As The New Flagship

Contrary to some reports that said otherwise, Nokia has gone on and announced the Lumia 930 at the BUILD 2014 developer conference, labeling it as “the Best of Microsoft and Lumia”. Which is another way of saying