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Lumia Denim

Lumia 640 Preorder Europe

Microsoft Lumia 640 Now Up For Preorder In Europe

Finally some action! Microsoft has put up the newly announced Lumia 640 up for preorder in the Old Continent, after confirmation that the new handset…

Verizon Lumia Icon

No Firm Date Still For Verizon Lumia Icon Denim Update

The Verizon Lumia Icon Denim update story lingers on, with no set date in sight when the new firmware will begin rolling out for users….

Video Lumia 930 Victoria Falls 4K

Video Highlights The 4K Capabilities Of The Lumia 930

Lumia 930 already comes with some of the best imaging capabilities available on mobile devices, thanks to its downright terrific camera, but the latest Lumia…

Lumia Denim Rollout

Denim Update Released For More Lumia 930 Handsets

Boy, the Denim Update for Lumia handsets is turning out to be a rather slow process overall. The rollout began last year, still continues, but…

Lumia Denim Rollout

Microsoft Officially Announces Lumia Denim Rollout

After weeks of speculation and months of wait, Microsoft have officially announced the Lumia Denim rollout which is the latest firmware for its fledgling mobile…

Video Lumia Denim Update

Microsoft Rolls Out The First Ever Lumia Denim Video

Are you ready for Lumia Denim? Microsoft certainly hopes you are, as the company has just released what is the very first video that showcases…


Lumia Denim Update Rollout Initiated For More Regions

Boy, Lumia 520 users are really lucky! Microsoft has initiated the Lumia Denim update rollout for more regions around the globe, including Europe and Asia…

Lumia Denim Update

Microsoft Starts Shipping Lumia Denim Update

At least, for some users. If you have been looking forward to the Lumia Denim update, then make way for some good news. It appears…

Photo Lumia Denim Devices

Lumia Denim Running On 530, 635 Shown On Photo

A total of four Windows Phone handsets have just been shown running the Lumia Denim update in a photo, signaling that the launch of the…

Lumia Denim Update

Lumia Denim Update Is Close, Popular Models Getting It First

And getting it this month. The Lumia Denim update has been in the news for all the right reasons these past few weeks. With launch…