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Cortana To Get Mac Like Spotlight Search On Windows

No harm in copying a good though, right? The Spotlight feature on Apple devices is quite good, and it looks like Cortana is getting something similar in Windows 10 with the Redstone 4 update. The integration of

Older Skype Desktop Versions For Windows And Mac To Be Retired

Things have been moving hard and fast in the world of Skype. Microsoft recently redesigned the iOS version of the VoIP client to look similar to Windows Phone, while the dedicated Windows Phone 8.1 version is destined

OneNote For Mac Is A Certified Success, Top Free App In The Mac Store

Fully aware that the competition is getting tough, and the time to make big moves is now (or never), Microsoft has recently increased its focus on Apple platforms. And fans of the fruity company are reciprocating this

OneNote Will Remain Free Forever, Promises Microsoft

Redmond’s answer to the supremacy of Evernote, OneNote launched on the Mac platform recently. Better yet, the company made this version along with the Windows flavor free of charge. And now company talked about this fine piece

New Version Of Office For Mac Coming In The Second Half Of 2014

Mac owners usually are a patient bunch when it comes to software, but many have been eagerly awaiting the release of a new standalone version of Microsoft Office. Office for Mac 2011 was the last version Microsoft

Free Software! 5 FREE licenses available – win a lifetime license of DrivePop for your PC or Mac!

OK, it’s been a while since we gave away free software so this weekend seemed as good a time as any. One of our sponsors (Rob from DrivePop) has graciously decided to offer readers of our site

Microsoft $25 Windows 8 Promotion For Apple Users Sells Out In Hours

Now would you believe it? Apple enthusiasts may have a bit of a hard time believe it, but Microsoft’s special offer for iOS and Mac developers sold out in just a few hours. Not just that, the

Where Does Your Surface Tablet Fit into Your Life?

I enjoyed reading an article by Sarah Perez in TechCrunch, where she discusses how her new Surface RT tablet fits into her life. She is self-admittedly a long-time Apple ‘addict’ with both the iPhone and iMac, despite

Installing the Windows 8 Consumer Preview on Your Mac

Parallels Desktop 7 is a popular Mac virtualization tool made by Parallels that can run operating system in a virtual environment much like VMWare Fusion (which announced support for Windows 8 Consumer  VMWare Player/Workstation for Windows. Today they

Running Windows 8 on a Mac – Through Boot Camp

Although Parallels Desktop 7 already gives users a way to run Windows 8 on a Mac, some of us prefer running our test operating systems natively and without the help of virtualization software. For Mac users this