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Chuwi Lapbook Air Incoming

Chuwi is no stranger to taking, what you might call inspiration, from other hardware makers in designing their creations. In fact, a case could be…


Surface Pro 3 Trade In Gets You Up To $650 For Your MacBook Air

Microsoft was quick to point out the possibilities of how the Surface Pro 3 was a tablet that replaced laptops, essentially freeing users that carried…


Microsoft: Surface Pro Is Perfect For People Who Use MacBook Air And iPad

Ever since its existence was confirmed (yes, I remember the day quite vividly), people have considered the Surface Pro as a potential rival for the…


Apple reportedly working on a $799 Macbook Air – direct response to Windows 8 Ultrabooks

Digitimes is reporting that Apple is developing a $799 addition to it’s highly successful Macbook Air line. The new, more affordable laptop line will…