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Is Microsoft Bringing Ads To Windows 10 Mail App?

Looks like ads are coming to Windows 10 big time! It seems that Microsoft is actually thinking about bringing ads to the Mail app, one of the most used applications in the operating system. As a matter

Inking Support Comes To The Windows 10 Mail App

Microsoft may have embraced inking in Windows 10 with the Anniversary Update back in 2016, but the company sure is taking its sweet time in adding support for pen input across its apps. Including one place where

Windows 10 Mail, Calendar Apps Get Fluent Design

These are two of the most popular, more used Windows 10 apps. Microsoft has given the Mail and Calendar applications in its latest operating system the Fluent Design System treatment. Windows Insiders have been testing these sleek

Windows 8.1 Mail App Updated With Several New Features

Microsoft has just pushed out a rather large update for the Windows 8.1 Mail app, and it not only brings a number of bug fixes, but also implements several performance improvements and new options. Compared to the

Microsoft Details The Windows 8.1 Mail App For Enterprises

The thing with operating system, Windows operating systems in particular, is that end users usually mark their arrival on newer platforms one way or another. But enterprises and business users usually wait out till a platform is

Mail And Calendar Apps On Windows 8 May Be Replaced By Outlook

Streamlining is the name of the game these days, and it appears this is fast becoming an important strategy over at Redmond. The One Microsoft philosophy could not have come sooner. When Windows 8 launched it missed

The Mail App In Windows 8.1 Is Now Closely Integrated With

Here is some news that will please almost all Windows 8 users. The Mail app including in Microsoft’s modern operating system has been notably improved in Windows 8.1. And seeing just how important a feature this is,

Check Out The New Features In Windows 8.1 Mail App In This Video

The recently leaked build 9471 of Windows 8.1, Microsoft’s upcoming operating system has provided us with early previews of many of the apps the software titan is planning to update. And while there are several notable changes

Mail App Notifications Not Working On Windows 8.1 Preview

The built in Mail app in Windows 8.1 is one of the last things one would expect to cause problems for users, but one of the newer bugs that has been reported confirms some issues with the

Leaked Screenshots Show The Redesigned Windows 8.1 RTM Mail App

The final version of Windows 8.1 will come with several reimagined tools, and one of the apps that are getting a completely new redesign is the popular Map app. This new redesign is expected to include several