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Windows 7 Desktop

Windows 10 Twice As Safe As Windows 7

Microsoft never wastes a chance talking about just how secure its latest OS is, but another study has revealed that Windows 10 is pretty much…

HP Logo Stone

HP Says Its Windows Spyware Collects Data With User Consent

Basically, we didn’t do anything! HP was quick to respond to the allegations that surface earlier this week about a driver that was automatically deployed…


Did Microsoft Help HP Install Malware On Windows PCs?

Spy much? HP has become the newest big name to be dragged into a spying scandal, as a driver recently snuck through Windows Update and…

Security Unlocked

Windows The Second Most Secure Platform

Stating the obvious here. Nokia is here with its latest Threat Intelligence Report, which reveals what we already know. That Android is the most targeted…

Microsoft Phone Scams

Microsoft Goes After Tech Support Scammers

At least somebody is taking action! Microsoft have initiated a legal action by filed a lawsuit against tech support scammers after tracking them down, and…

Windows Phone Malicious Apps

Malicious Apps Can Simply Be Copied To Windows Phone

A new vulnerability on Windows Phone has just been unearthed that allows malicious apps to run with the same permission as the target. Something Microsoft…


Google Discovers Critical Windows Flaw, Microsoft Onto It

Microsoft and Google do not exactly see eye to eye, but security engineers with the search engine giant regularly help Redmond with product security by…


Android Smartphones Are Being Delivered With Spyware Built In

There is a reason why Android has not yet been able to gain corporate acceptance with BYOD and such. And that is security. The platform…


Android Remains The Most Targeted Mobile OS, No Malware On Windows Phone

Some believe that Android is the new Windows. One trait that Android seems to have obtained from earlier versions of Windows is lax security. Most…


Microsoft Sets Up New Cybercrime Center To Battle Malware And Botnets

No one takes security more seriously than Microsoft, no two words about it. With such a large install base of Windows (and the growing one…