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New Samsung Windows phone launched in Australia – Samsung Omnia W

Samsung launched it’s high-end Omnia W handset through Telstra this week. The Omnia W appears to be the first second-generation Windows Phone 7 handset to…


Can Windows 8 Fare Better On Mobile Phones Than Phone 7?

Microsoft has taken a very different stance with its products recently. When Microsoft’s Xbox first debuted back in 2001, part of the strategy was to…


AT&T showcase their new Windows Phones : HTC Titan, Samsung Focus S & Focus Flash

Microsoft’s Phone President Andy Lees showed off three AT&T-branded Windows Phone 7 (Mango) phones today. This is an indication of some of the Windows Phones that…


Samsung and Nokia planning major ad blitz for Windows Phone 7.5

Nokia and Samsung are both planning to spend millions of dollars on Windows Phone 7.5 marketing campaigns this Christmas. Microsoft is reportedly donating $44 million to…


Windows 7.5 Phone- All that you need to know

Can Windows phone Mango outsmart the market that has developed for Android? Will Microsoft be able to gain control on Apple’s market share with their…


Windows Phone 7.5 Mango is here

As an Apple Iphone owner, I cannot lie – this subject bores me to tears but it is news so here we go. And yes, you…


Is Microsoft tracking Windows Phone users or not?

So there has been a back and forth regarding Microsoft’s Windows Phone and location tracking services. Microsoft has sworn up and down ( to the U.S….


Start your engines! Microsoft accepting Windows Phone Mango Apps

Microsoft has begun to accept Mango apps. Developers are now able to submit their applications in anticipation of the Windows Phone 7.5 launch in the coming…