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HoloLens 3D Maps Will Be A Reality Soon

The Microsoft HoloLens mixed reality headset has been in the hands of enterprise customers since last year, and for this reason the software titan has focused most of its efforts on workplace scenarios. Explorer what it calls

What Is Nokia’s Future After The Microsoft Acquisition?

If you had any doubts whether Microsoft was serious about becoming a devices and services company, the announcement that Redmond has bought Nokia for a bargain basement price should be enough to lay them to rest. The

New Bing Apps Arrive With Windows 8.1 Preview, Bing Maps Updated

It goes without saying that Microsoft’s search service, Bing, is deeply rooted into Windows 8.1. And along with search features, the software titan also offers engaging new apps under the Bing banner. Windows 8 offers proof of

Major Update For Bing Maps With 121 TB Of Satellite Images

Can’t argue with 121 terabytes of data! Bing Maps along with the Windows 8 Map app both just received a major update that saw over 121 TB of satellite and Global Ortho imagery added to it, which

Windows 8 updates start to trickle in

Last week, Microsoft announced that they would be making last minute updates to some of the apps that came with Windows 8. It seems that the app refresh has begun. Users are beginning to see updates to

Windows Store – Windows 8 Tools – Maps

Description The Maps app, powered by Bing, makes it easy for you to find the places you’re looking for. Designed for Windows, the Maps app puts control at your fingertips. Quickly pinpoint the locations you care about,