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Worldwide Tablet Market Up By 11% In Q2 2014, IDC

Now here is an interesting reveal. Research firm IDC has just ousted its tablet figures for the second quarter of the year, and they make for some very pleasant reading. The highlight of the story is that

Microsoft All Set To Increase Focus On Entry Level Smartphones

Redmond’s mobile operating system has been rocking and rolling recently. The company has a pretty good thing going for its Windows Phone 8 platform, and continues to slowly but surely gain market share and traction around the

Microsoft: PCs Are Not Dead, They’re Getting Reinvented

And Windows 8 is at the forefront of this reinvention, says the Redmond executive. The continuous faltering of the PC market has led some analysts to claim that the end of the desktop computer is near. Plus

Surface RT Soon To Be Available In 13 More Countries

Microsoft’s first tablet, the Surface RT was launched to great fanfare on October 26 last year. The tablet had a bit of a wavering start, a lot of it due to limited distribution. But now Redmond has

Surface RT Set For Debut In 13 New Countries

This should double the amount of countries where Microsoft’s first tablet is up for grabs. Surface RT was launched on October 26 in select markets. Now the Redmond giant will start selling the tablet in a total

Microsoft: Hardware Is A Hard Nut To Crack

Microsoft has had it tough when it comes to hardware. Over the years, the company has brought a number of devices to the market, from mice and keyboards to cameras and music players — most with shall

Vizio jump into the Windows 8 Tablet market

Vizio is jumping into the portable market once again with an 11.6-inch Tablet PC with Windows 8. The device features a slimline design with a 1080p HD display, AMD’s Z60 dual-core 1GHz processor, 64GB of SSD storage,

Goldman Sachs Says Apple Dominance Makes Tough Sell for Microsoft

As reported by CNET, a new study by Goldman Sachs titled, “Clash of the titans,” paints Apple as dominant in the smartphone-tablet arena, with Microsoft and Google facing an uphill climb in the market. The 75-page study,

Microsoft Targets $1.4 Trillion Intelligent Devices Market with Windows 8 Embedded

Microsoft has made a move to enter the vast $1.4 trillion market for intelligent devices with the introduction today of Windows 8 Embedded. This new flavor of the OS will come in several forms tailored to different