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Games For Windows Live Marketplace To Close Shop On August 22

Gaming remains a very important part of the PC puzzle, and though the main focus of Microsoft has shifted towards its Xbox console, the release of Windows 8 has opened up new possibilities for Redmond on the

No PEGI 18-Rated Games in Windows 8 Marketplace

With its Xbox Live integration and strong gaming presence, Windows 8 tablets have the potential to become the de facto tablet experience for the core gamer. At least they would, if Microsoft wasn’t shooting itself in the

Four Reasons Why Microsoft IS NOT Too Late To The Tablet Market

Opinions regarding Windows 8 have to be some of the most mixed and scattered I’ve ever seen. People say they love Metro, people say they hate it. You hear about how Windows is too late for tablets

Windows Marketplace Event Next Week

For those who haven’t followed my previous posts, I went ahead and made Windows Developer Preview my primary OS for a little over a month. During this time I really found that I enjoyed the operating system,