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Yes, Microsoft should hide the Metro screen by default

I just finished reading Mary Jo Foley’s recent post where she believes it would be a mistake for Microsoft to hide the Metro screen by default when a user logs in. This is related to the new

Mary Jo Foley’s interview with Steve Ballmer

I’m a big fan of Mary Jo Foley. I think she is one of the best technology reporters out there and does excellent work very consistently. I found this interview online that she did with Steve Ballmer

The Post Ballmer Microsoft Discussion – Mary Jo Foley Video

The big news is out. Steve Ballmer is leaving Microsoft and everyone has an opinion. Mary Jo Foley, Tom Merritt, and Paul Thurrott discuss this in lots of detail for TWIT and it’s a really good and

Microsoft Planning Major Updates To Its Apps Ahead Of Windows Blue Debut

Those of you already on the Windows 8 bandwagon most definitely know that Microsoft has created several Windows 8 apps in-house and made them available for its new operating system. All of them make use of the

More Details Emerge About Windows Phone Blue

While the past few weeks have seen several Windows Blue details float up, things have been quite slow on the Windows Phone Blue front. The latest is that development is slowly underway on this new update over

Mary Jo Foley has reviewed the Microsoft Surface Pro

The amazing Mary Jo Foley has chimed in about the Microsoft Surface Pro. Here’s some of what she had to say: In the end, for me, the Surface Pro is just OK. I am waiting/expecting Microsoft to

What the heck is the difference between Office 365 and Office 2013? Here’s what I found

So the really therapeutic thing about my site for me is that it allows me to work out my Microsoft issues in front of thousands of people. When I feel frustration, you see it in the articles,

BUILD 2012 – all your favorite PRESS bloggers are here

So there are waaaaay less press people out here than last year. BUILD 2011 seemed to have between 5 to 10 times as many reporters and media than this year. Interesting. Anyway, I bumped into a bunch

Laptopmag talk about Windows 8 with Ed Bott, Mary Jo Foley and Avram Piltch – Video

As you may know, having met them, I’m big fans of Mary Jo Foley and Ed Bott and you should be too. They are both very seasoned technology reporters and great writers. Every time I get an opportunity

Should Microsoft have used their Windows Phone OS for Windows 8 Tablets?

Mary Jo Foley has written a pretty thought provoking piece on the direction that Microsoft chose to take with Windows 8. In the article entitled “Why ‘Windows 8’ Isn’t What I Thought It Would Be“, she makes