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Microsoft Actually Cancelled Two Secret Windows Phones

McLaren and McQueen? Who’d have thought! We have known for a while that Redmond was cooking up to new high end Windows Phones. They were, of course, cancelled before release. Dubbed the Nokia McLaren, this was expected

The McLaren Is Actually The Lumia 1030, Leaks In Pictures

The McLaren is back, baby! You may recall the codename for a new Windows Phone flagship device. It appears that it refers to the Lumia 1030, the upcoming imaging flagship. Interesting, because if we put stock into

Nokia McLaren Flagship Smartphone Reportedly Cancelled

Hey, hands off the McLaren! Windows Phone fans that were waiting for new flagships from Microsoft might not be able to get their hands on the Nokia McLaren smartphone, it appears. This powerful new handset reportedly featured

Week In Review (Jun 2 – Jun 6)

This week was all about Computex 2014, the stylish technology extravaganza. And Computex was all about Windows powered devices, from the Intel Core M announcement to radically affordable tablets made possible thanks to Windows 8.1 with Bing.