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HP Is Shifting Focus From PCs To Tablets

As if you needed more proof that tablets are the future, here is HP, one of the foremost PC vendors announcing its plans to shift resources from traditional personal computers to tablets. Little by little, PC sales

HP’s CEO Says Windows 8 Will Eventually Succeed

Microsoft finally started talking numbers, as the company recently let out that 60 million Windows 8 licenses were moved since launch. A substantial number, which is set to only increase as more and more devices make their

Downgrading from Windows 8 Not Supported by HP’s New PC’s

Those computer aficionados who are currently in a steamy romance with Windows 7 (or alternatively, those who simply think Windows 8 is the ugly, red-headed stepchild of the OS world) may want to avoid purchasing a new

Meg Whitman says 2013 will be a challenging year for HP

HP is struggling and it seems like things will only continue to get worse during the next fiscal year. At an annual presentation to investors, the CEO Meg whitman said the following: “My belief is that the single biggest

HP is all in for Windows 8

Speaking at the Global Influencer Summit, executive vice president of HP’s Personal Systems group, Todd Bradley, affirmed that the firm will work with partners to gain a foothold in the tablet market. “Our strategy is around partnering with

Windows 8 Quotes of the day – Meg Whitman

It’s Friday and time for the Windows 8 quote(s) of the day. Today’s champion is HP CEO Meg Whitman with her quotes from her interview with CRN. From the CEO: My son once lived in the city and commuted

Web OS Gets Open-Sourced, Tablet OS Options Look Awfully Crowded

When it comes to the tablet market it seems to be a very crowded place with Android and iOS taking up most of that space in consumers’ hearts and minds. We’ve already seen some troubling fall-outs when

HP to allegedly launch a Windows 8 Tablet at CES 2012

I’ll be at CES 2012 in Vegas to get the first hand announcements about Windows 8 from Mr. Ballmer but it seems that there might be much more to cover there as well. HP may have unceremoniously

Is HP playing with Windows 8?

Is HP playing with Windows 8? Microsoft launched Windows 8 preview and it was capable of running on both PC’s and tablets. Many tablet manufacturers seem to be taking a keen interest in expanding their business with

Meg Strikes again – HP will keep making PC’s

Meg Whitman is making her presence at HP felt in a big way. HP today (Thursday) announced that it has completed its evaluation of strategic alternatives for its Personal Systems Group (PSG) and has decided the unit