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Kik Messenger Disappears

Kicked? Things just got a little worse for Microsoft’s under fire mobile OS, as another top messaging app has left the Windows Phone platform. Kik Messenger has been pulled for Windows 10 Mobile. Just like that —

Users Will Be Able To Mute Conversations With Ease In Windows Phone 8.1

Ever had that irresistible desire to mute an ongoing conversation? Welcome to the club! Microsoft, it seems, is ready to bring this handy and useful ability to its mobile platform with Windows Phone 8.1. A new report

BlackBerry Is Open To Bringing BBM To Windows Phone

Canadian mobile phone maker, BlackBerry, surely has seen better days. The company recently posted a disastrous financial result for the quarter, with nearly $1 billion in operating loss and an announcement that it will be firing 4,500

Skype Could Be Integrated In Windows 8.1 Final Instead Of The Messaging App

Boy, talk about a short lifecycle. If you have installed Windows 8.1 Preview you may probably have noticed that something is amiss — the Messaging app is missing from the Start Screen. When Windows 8 launched last

Windows Live Messenger Blacklisted Starting March 15th, 3rd Party Clients will Still Work

Windows 8 updates start to trickle in

Last week, Microsoft announced that they would be making last minute updates to some of the apps that came with Windows 8. It seems that the app refresh has begun. Users are beginning to see updates to

New Windows 8 RTM Screenshots – Mail, Messaging and People Apps

Some new screenshots from Neowin showing screenshots (allegedly) from Windows 8 RTm. These show the Mail, People and Messaging Apps.