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Microsoft Transfers The @Messenger Twitter Account To Facebook

The word Messenger has a new meaning! Microsoft’s Messenger service has been discontinued completely now, as the company focuses its communication efforts on the Skype platform. The final milestone was reached late last month when Redmond announced

Facebook Messenger For Windows Phone Released

Although it appears that the iOS and Android apps still remain the primary focus of Facebook, at least in terms of features, the company rolls out new updates for Windows Phone users every now and then. One

Microsoft Officially Confirms Skype Will Replace Messenger In Windows 8.1

Reports first came out back in June that Microsoft was looking to replace the Messenger app in Windows 8.1 with Skype. Redmond did not actually confirm or deny the news at that time. But now the software

Users Keep Criticizing Microsoft For Messenger Shutdown

The moment of truth for Messenger users is fast incoming. Microsoft will initiate the Windows Live Messenger shutdown next week, with the hope of seeing most users making the transition to Skype. In fact, the humongous user

Users Spend 2 Billion Minutes Every Day Talking On Skype

If you have followed Microsoft through the ages (well its four decades of existence), you may well be aware just how much the company likes to throw around statistics and numbers to brag about its products and

Microsoft Sends More Emails To Remind Users Of Messenger’s Retirement

Hotmail, Microsoft’s classic email platform, is set to retire in the very near future. And with it the company has also decided to pull the plug off its Messenger service and move its gigantic user base over

App Watch: LINE

When it comes to instant messengers for Windows, there are a few clear favorites. One of them that is enjoying terrific success on Microsoft’s new platform is LINE messenger. LINE offers an easy way to stay in

Microsoft Will Start Phasing Out Windows Live Messenger On April 8

Redmond has outlined its plan to start the shutdown of its Windows Live Messenger service. The phased retirement will officially begin on April 8, and the desktop version will be the first to go. Requiescat in pace,