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Microsoft UX Designer Talks Making Metro Default In Windows 8

Microsoft took a whole bucketful of risks when it launched its modern operating platform, Windows 8. And one of these risks was making Metro the…


Why Paul Thurrott is right about the current state of Windows

OK so I had to wade deep into this one because well, it’s what I do.  🙂 A few days ago, blogs and Twitter blew up…


Has Samsung Ripped Off Windows 8 Metro Interface For Its New Android UI?

Samsung has outlined grand plans to take over the tablet world, and the company revealed four new models at the CES 2014, complete with a…


Windows 8 Has A Rather Easy Learning Curve, Says NASCAR Team Member

Much has been made how learning Windows 8 is a somewhat difficult preposition, particularly coming to grips with the Metro UI of the new operating…


Microsoft Admits That Windows 8 Learning Curve Needs Addressing

Simple and humble operating systems that they were, Windows 98, XP and friends still came with a pretty intuitive tutorial to acclimatize users of the…


Apple Said To Be Going For A Flat Look For iOS 7, Similar To Windows Phone

Now this is something that may very well unsettle a lot of iOS users. Insider sources have tested the upcoming iOS 7 claim that some…


How I would change Desktop Mode in Windows 8

Microsoft Guru Paul Thurrott wrote a series of articles on how he would change Windows 8 (they can be found on his site…


Microsoft officially calling apps "Windows 8 Store apps", and maybe even calling the new UI "Windows 8 Store-Style"

Here we go again— Microsoft has done an excellent job of executing the Windows 8/RT and Windows Phone 8 launch at just about every level….


Windows Metro to be called Microsoft Design Language?

Now too long ago we posted about how Metro was a design language that was without a true and official name. We’ve heard it called…


Is “Microsoft design style” the final name for Metro?

What do you call the new UI in Windows 8? The start screen UI? Modern, Metro, something else? This is a bit confusing since all of…