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Michael Dell And Silver Lake Again Improve Their Offer To Take Dell Private

Dell is one of the biggest hardware vendors, but CEO Michael Dell’s efforts to take the company back to a private entity is turning out to be one of the biggest technology soap operas. Yet another shareholder

Dell Wants To Focus On PCs And Tablets After Going Private

The big question here is how the privatizing trip will play out. The founder of Dell has found that his plans to take the company private are most definitely not going as smooth as he had hoped

Dell Stockholders File Lawsuit Over Dell Buyout

At this point it is pretty much guaranteed that you already know about the Dell buyout. Dell has since officially confirmed that the buyout is a go, and even Microsoft threw in $2 billion to help the

Microsoft Interested in Deeper Control Over Dell in Exchange for Help with Buyout

Not too long ago we covered news about Microsoft reportedly throwing some cash into the Dell privatization effort, roughly $1-3 billion in fact. As expected, this sparked some additional rumors that Microsoft would be using Dell to

Michael Dell – confident about Microsoft’s Surface having limited impact

You have to love Michael Dell. He basically is trusting that Microsoft’s foray into hardware with the surface is just a brief reference play. In an interview with PCWorld, he was asked about it and responded the

Michael Dell comments on demand for Windows 8 Tablets – Video

Michael Dell comments on demand for Windows 8 Tablets [Video] Michael Dell, CEO of Dell Inc., talks about demand for a tablet computer that runs Microsoft Corp.’s Windows 8 operating system and Dell’s growth strategy and competition.

Michael Dell restates Dell’s support for Windows 8

Michael Dell restated his support for Microsoft’s new Operating System today in an appearance on American Financial TV station CNBC. Dell was asked about Apple’s (NASDAQ: AAPL) success with smart phones and tablets. With Microsoft’s (NASDAQ: MSFT)

Could Dell and HP Support Help Windows 8 Tablets Take Off?

No one can argue that tablets have really taken off in the last couple of years. There are options like WebOS (though it is a dying option), Blackberry tablets, and even Windows 7 but they really haven’t

Michael Dell says Windows 8 tablet version looks encouraging

Michael Dell, CEO of Dell, said his company remains interested in Android tablets, but also noted Windows 8 will be a viable competitor. On a second quarter conference call with analysts, Dell said the company’s early work