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Microsoft Band On Sale In The UK, Can Be Yours For £169

Or £169.99, if you like to keep tabs on your pennies. Microsoft announced a few weeks back that its Band wearable would be made available in the UK market. And coming good on that promise, the company

Microsoft Band Initial Unit Production Was Only 30,000

At least, according to unofficial sources. Redmond has not exactly commented on the production of Microsoft Band, or the number that was produced in the first batch. But this much is certain that it was low —

Microsoft Band Now Available In The UK, At Online Retailers

Took a while coming, but Microsoft Band is now going places. Places, as in retailers like Amazon, Best Buy and Target, as well as across the pond, in the United Kingdom. This after months and months of

Microsoft Band Back In Stock, Make Your Move Now

Microsoft Band sure is an elusive device. Redmond launched its first wearable to a decent level of acclaim, but apparently supplies were ridiculously low and the device went out of stock immediately. Withstanding the fact that the

Microsoft Band Gets A Virtual Keyboard

Microsoft Band may still be a device that is hard to get, but Redmond continues to update its smart fitness band with new features. Features like a virtual keyboard. The wearable that helps users track their exercises,

Microsoft Band Works With The Microsoft Health Platform

Microsoft band was not the only big announcement coming from Redmond last night. The company also unveiled its new health and fitness platform, going by the simple name of Microsoft Health. The fitness tracker works with Health,

Microsoft Band Sold Out, People Forming Lines Outside Stores

Whoa, bet no one saw this coming! With Microsoft Band, the company tried a new strategy of a stealth launch, so to say, without any announcement event, without any buildup of hype. And it seems to have

Microsoft Band Runs For 48 Hours On A Single Charge

If battery life is one of the biggest considerations for smartphone, it perhaps is the biggest for wearables. Microsoft Band, luckily, delivers some innovations on the battery front. The first ever wearable device from Redmond was announced

Microsoft Band International Launch To Take A While

Microsoft really need to work on this international thing. More so for Windows Phone users. The Microsoft Band wearable gadget just went live earlier this today. And while the device is a piece of work, the release

Full Microsoft Band Technical Specifications

Redmond made a splash late last night by introducing the Microsoft Band, its first foray into the wearables arena. The device is available right now for those living in the United States. Perhaps the biggest highlight of