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You Can Now Beta Test Microsoft Office Versions Before Release

Bug tests and beta tryouts are what make or break software. It so often happens that buggy or undercooked software (games in particular) get released to disastrous results. Microsoft, obviously, heavily tests software before putting the products

Microsoft Office Now Banned By The Chinese Government

First it was Windows 8, and now it is Redmond’s biggest breadwinner. China has now banned the use of Office, in what is clearly a move to distance the country from Microsoft software. The news that the

Google Docs Gets Full Native Microsoft Office Support

Operating systems are old news, these days. The realm of productivity suites is where the real battle is being fought. At least, this is the impression one gets from Microsoft and Google. Both companies have increased the

Microsoft Launches Office 365 Roadmap, First Release Channel

My, how times change! The Office division pretty much always played second fiddle to the Windows side of the business for Microsoft, but it has recently become the company’s number one cash cow. It comes as no

Google Docs Provides A Suboptimal Experience, Microsoft Believes

Although the launch of Office for Android is now just a formality, with voices that Microsoft is deep into development of this flavor of its productivity suite, Google has been working to boost the adoption of its

Nadella Explains Why Office For iPad Launched Before The Windows 8 Version

Hurries and scurries! As far as openings of new weeks are concerned, Microsoft CEO had a fairly busy Monday. He attended Code Conference yesterday, where he candidly talked about strategy. And while the company had actually confirmed

Leaked Screenshots Provide A Look At Office Touch For Windows 8

An absolute cornerstone of Microsoft’s dominance in the technology world, Office is currently in the process of getting a touch optimized makeover. This, we have known, for well over a year now. And although we caught an

Tim Cook Believes Microsoft Should Have Launched Office For iPad Earlier

I am sure there are a whole bunch of people that hold this view too. Microsoft launched Office for iPad last month at a special little event, and since then the app has been a chart-topping success.

Office Mix Is The Newest Addition To The Suite, Preview Available

Up until now, the Office division at Redmond seemed like it was more interested in refining and polishing the productivity suite, instead of adding new applications and features. But it now appears that Microsoft is not done,

Microsoft Showcases Office Touch For Windows 8 At BUILD

There are some that believe that the classic Microsoft experience is still not complete on touch. Sure, the company has released a couple of flavors of its Office productivity suite. But they are not overly optimized for