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Pokki and Lenovo come together

Kind of like a big deal – Lenovo is on board with Pokki

Lenovo has officially become the second major PC OEM (after Acer) to join forces with Sweetlabs and their Pokki Suite. SweetLabs announced…


Limited Edition Man Of Steel Lumia 925 Rumored For June Release

Now this is a rumor that will surely not surprise those of you that are as interested in cinema as you are in mobile technology….


Microsoft Announces The 2013 Partner Of The Year Winners And Finalists

As one of the largest technology companies around, Microsoft really banks on its partners to drive its technologies forward. These partnerships have taken another dimension…


Dell XPS 10 Gets A Price Cut, Now Available For $300

The trend of price cuts on Windows RT tablets continues. It was just a month or so ago that a number of tablets running Microsoft’s…


NVIDIA Still Believes In Windows RT, Says Multiple Tablets Are Coming

Windows RT has been under fire from a number of circles recently, though Microsoft’s platform for ARM devices also enjoys the company of friends, with…


Microsoft Is Helping PC Makers Build High-End Windows 8 Devices

There is a distinct possibility that the bigwigs at Microsoft may have thought that they would take care of the software side of things with…


More Rumors Point To New HTC Windows RT Tablets

HTC already enjoys a distinct partnership with Microsoft, thanks to its Windows Phone devices. But speculation of a Windows RT slate from the hardware maker…


Acer Has A Change Of Heart, Believes Windows 8 Crisis Is Almost Over

It seems that not a week passes by when we are not graced with statements from Acer regarding Microsoft’s hardware strategy or the impact Windows…


Dell Might Renegotiate Its Windows Licensing Deal After Going Private

Microsoft is ready to spend $2 billion to support the Dell buyout and help the PC manufacturer go private, but it appears that the hardware…


Nokia CEO Says The Company Remains Focused On Windows Phone

Microsoft and Nokia are, without doubt, the best of pals. The Finnish telecom giant has been instrumental in lifting up Redmond’s Windows Phone mobile platform,…