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Microsoft Launches Xim, A New Kind Of Photo Sharing App

Microsoft Research is at it again. They have developed a photo sharing app that goes by the name of Xim, and lets you share your…


Old Microsoft Video Shows Cortana Running On Windows 8

Cortana, Microsoft’s digital voice assistant, has by far been the company’s most notable product in the past couple of years. It was unveiled with much…


Microsoft Research Develops An Indoor GPS System

Well more like an indoor positioning system, but you get the drift. Microsoft Research has been responsible for some of the most innovative new technologies,…


Microsoft Developing Phones With One Week Of Battery Life

Had battery technologies improved as much as say computer graphics card or hard disk storage space, we’d probably be using mobile devices with a year…


Microsoft Research Creates SurroundWeb, A Revolutionary 3D Browser Concept

When it comes to innovative research few can fault what the teams at Redmond cook up. The implementation of some of these technologies often leave…


Microsoft Announces Windows Azure For Research

While physical clouds may be part science and part art, the technology variant is all science. Cloud computing infrastructures are used for everything from mobile…


Microsoft Research Develops New Digital Hair Manipulation Technology

The Microsoft Research unit has had a fairly busy year. And SIGGRAPH 2013, the 40th International Conference and Exhibition on Computer Graphics and Interactive Technique,…


Technology To Embed Coded Tags In 3D Printed Objects Developed By Microsoft

There were times when Microsoft was more interested in plain old software development, but the past few years, Redmond has increased its focus on research…


Windows Phone 8 Network Speed Test App Launched By Microsoft Research

The Windows Phone 8 platform is finally seeing some intensified action on the apps front, with several third-party developers coding for the mobile operating system….


Craig Mundie, Head of Microsoft Research Arm, Steps Down

Microsoft has announced that Craig Mundie, Microsoft’s chief research and strategy officer, will retire in 2014 when he will be 65. Mundie was one of…