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Microsoft Developing Several Windows Mixed Reality Games

The various Windows Mixed Reality headsets may be making the technology world take notice, what with their reasonable level of virtual reality performance, at more than reasonable prices. But the mark of a new technology is in

Microsoft Renews Focus On PC Gaming, More Details Promised This Summer

The Xbox has, for such a long time, been the primary emphasis at Redmond that it allowed competitors to sneak right in and deliver not just innovation but winning user loyalty too. Valve’s Steam platform, for instance,

Microsoft Studios Busy Bringing A Beloved Franchise To Windows 8

A lot has been said about Microsoft and PC gaming, and not all of it is positive. But now the company wants to return to its roots. It’s PC gaming roots, that is. Whatever the reason for

Microsoft Ready To Get Serious About PC Gaming Once Again

When Windows 8 launched late last year, it brought with it several casual titles spanning many of the popular genres one would associate on mobile platforms. Now, however, Redmond is ready to kick things up several gears