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Microsoft actually built some 20,000 Surface Mini tablets before cancelling

Rumor has it that some 20,000 Surface Mini tablets are stacked in at some cozy corner of the globe. And this is because Microsoft cancelled the anticipated slate, right at the very last moment. There were sure

Could Microsoft be launching a 12-inch Surface tablet next week?

If there is one thing Redmond has been absolute adamant on, it is expanding the Surface family of devices. Two years back there were even talks about a Surface branded laptop. But right now, the expansion is

The Surface Pro 3 Mention Was Indeed A Typo, Microsoft Confirms

Well, there you go. Can’t beat official clarifications! The technology world was abuzz with rumors and speculation yesterday, as it usually is, after the mention of a Surface Pro 3 on an official Microsoft page. You can

Canadian Job Training School Purchases 5,800 Surface 2 Tablets

Even though Microsoft’s Surface division is still losing money, things are on the up. From a decline of $900 million last year to a negative balance of $45 million this past quarter, the gap is closing. And

Firmware Updates Incoming For Surface 2, Surface Pro And Surface Pro 2

More Surface news. Patch Tuesday is here, and Microsoft has just announced that three of the four Surface tablets are getting new firmware in this round of updates. The Surface 2, along with Surface Pro and Surface

Microsoft Store Locations Are Reportedly Receiving Surface 2 With LTE Tablets

Well played, Microsoft. The company has had to go through a number of supply issues with the original Surface RT and Surface Pro launches, but it sounds like they have learnt the trick now. There is word

Surface 2 With LTE Is Now FCC Approved

Sign of things to come? You bet! Microsoft made the inexpiable decision of launching its Surface lineup of tablets without cellular connectivity. Even Nokia offered this from the get go with the Lumia 2520. Sure, with the

Microsoft Releases Firmware Updates For Surface Tablets To Fix Critical Issues

While January saw a scattered release of firmware for the Surface tablets, the technology wizards over at Redmond have returned to their regularly scheduled programming this month. The company has released updates for Surface slates alongside Patch

Microsoft Produced Fewer Tablets This Time Around, Analyst Thinks

The big news at the moment seems to be the fact that the various varieties of the Surface tablets are sold at a number of US retailers. Even Microsoft’s own store lists it as unavailable more often

Microsoft Is Preparing A Fix For The Surface 2 Overheating Problem

With the second generation Surface slates full and well out in the wild, Microsoft is gathering valuable data on any problems or issues that users report. The company has already found a couple. And another one that