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Surface Mini Cancelled For Good, Claims New Report

Fans were in for a rather shocking surprise a couple of months back, when it emerged that Microsoft stopped the launch of the Surface Mini at the eleventh hour. This small tablet was expected to be unveiled

Surface Pro 3 User Guide Confirms Existence Of The Surface Mini

Delightful accident! Or maybe even a careful coincidence? Take your pick. The Surface Mini was reportedly cancelled at the eleventh hour, but references about the small slate are abound. Microsoft even built some 20,000 tablets, before pulling

Surface Pro 3 Core i3 And i7 Models To Ship A Month Earlier

End of August. That is when Microsoft said they would be shipping the Core i3 and i7 powered models of the Surface Pro 3. But that was at launch, and it appears the company has streamlined production.

The Surface Pro 3 Is Now Available

June 20 is here, folks, and by that count, so is Microsoft’s amazing new tablet. The Surface Pro 3 is now available for purchase if you reside in the company’s home ground. Buyers in the USA can

Surface Pro 3 Shipping Dates Start Slipping, Closer To Launch

Finally, the time is here. Surface Pro 3, Microsoft’s shiny new tablet is all set to go on sale later this week, but it appears that the company is yet to streamline the inventory. As the official

Surface Pro 2 Gets A New $200 Discount

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is almost upon us, and that means only one thing. Retailers are cutting prices of the second generation tablet in order to clear out inventories and entice buyers that were holding out their

Surface A Hit In The UK, Surges Well Ahead Of The Google Nexus

Back during the launch of the Surface family, the original Surface RT and Surface Pro, Microsoft had a lot to do to streamline its sales channels. The company managed to that in subsequent months. However, buyers in

Tablets with large screens are the future, says IDC

Redmond have taken a number of bold steps in the last couple of years, perhaps few more so than the release of a tablet with a large display in the form of the Surface Pro 3. This

Microsoft Rolls Out A New Clips To Show Off The Surface Pro 3

Microsoft introduced the Surface Pro 3 yesterday, and it is now available for preorder. The company has also rolled out a new video showcasing the key capabilities of its distinguished new tablet. In many ways, this newest

Surface Pro 3 Could Launch Next Week, New Report Says

There are breaking stories and there are heartbreaking ones! Which category this one falls into depends on whether you are a Surface Pro 2 owner, and when you purchased your amazing tablet. Speaking of amazing tablets, it