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Microsoft Corporate VP Defends Windows RT

Look who’s on the offensive. Windows RT isn’t doing exactly ‘great’. I wouldn’t say poorly, but it certainly isn’t selling like hotcakes either. Now in an interview with CNET, Microsoft’ corporate VP of Windows Planning, Hardware &

Microsoft Surface RT and Pro Receive Updates: WiFi Improvements and More

Today is patch Tuesday, and you know what that means? Yup, plenty of updates. Both the Surface Pro and Surface RT received a few changes today adding to the stability of the tablets and even adding some

Microsoft Now Calling Surface Tablets By Shortened Names

While there is a lot to like about Windows 8 and the Surface line, I’m still not so sure about the boys behind the marketing. Don’t get me wrong, they’ve spent a good deal of cash on

Microsoft Finally Launches A Surface Blog, Also Bringing Surface RT Prices Down in Canada

The Microsoft Surface RT launched back in late October now, and yet after all this time, there is no official blog space for news related directly to the Surface line. Good news, Microsoft has finally launched the

With the 7-inch Market Continuing to Grow, is Microsoft Missing Out Here?

While the Microsoft Surface RT has far from been a total failure – given its limited retail position throughout most of Q4 2012 – it hasn’t exactly hit it off as a mainstream success for businesses or

Rumor claims that Microsoft is Working on Outlook Client Specifically for Windows RT

There has been quite a few negative articles on the net about Windows RT, and I admit that I personally have been semi-critical of ARM-based Windows devices as well. While I personally think they have potential, their high-prices

Surface RT Having Trouble With Updating Windows and Windows Apps?

Although the Surface RT is a solid tablet, like all hardware products regardless of the brand, it is bound to run into bugs and other performance issues from time to time. Now it seems that the Microsoft

Surface RT Sells 1 Million Units This Quarter, According to UBS

So is the Surface doing great, or doing awful? Honestly, depends on who you ask. We’ve been told so many varying stories about the Surface RT’s success (or perhaps lack thereof). Now UBS analyst Brent Thrill has

Small Registry Hack Improves Touchscreen Lag for the Surface RT

With the Windows RT jailbreak method now easily available, its only a matter of time before we start to see some pretty cooler homebrew fixes and apps that take advantage of the unlocked potential of the ARM

Updated AdDuplex Data Says Surface Remains Most Popular Windows 8/RT Device

Not to long after Windows 8 and Windows RT hit the net, an online ad company by the name of AdDuplex revealed numbers that showed that the Surface RT was currently leading the pack when it came