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New Microsoft Surface Introductory video

Microsoft today released yet another Microsoft Surface overview video. The new video is a more general video that goes over the basics of the features included as part of the Surface. It shows off the many ports

Robert Kegel – I disagree with Amobi, my thoughts on Microsoft Surface

Yesterday I watched the live blog announcement of Microsoft’s new tablet code named Surface. It may have left some questions but I was highly impressed. These tablets are beautiful and the technology in the keyboards (there are

My take on the Microsoft’s Surface Tablet by Rishu Srivastava

There was a lot of hype created on the web about the mysterious launch event of Microsoft. Rumors were prevailing that Microsoft was going to launch its own tablet and that’s what happened. In Los Angeles, Microsoft

Microsoft’s new tablet – The Microsoft Surface – My conclusion – Vaporware

Yesterday Microsoft announced that they would be making their own Windows 8/Windows RT based Tablet. It will be called the Microsoft Surface. At a pretty spectacular and intrigue filled event at Milk Studios in Hollywood California, the software