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Surface Tablet Launch Dates For Korea And Switzerland Revealed

Surface tablets are on a bit of a world tour. After initially being available only across North America, Redmond is now aggressively expanding the retail availability of the tablets around the globe. The technology titan recently announced

UK Surface RT Buyers Get A Touch Or Type Cover For Free

While the UK market has traditionally always been an important one for Microsoft, supply issues meant that the company had to wait a while before launching its Surface tablets in the country. But now Redmond has launched

New Firmware Updates For Surface Tablets Bring Several Improvements

Redmond has rolled out a new firmware update for its Surface slates to go with this month’s Patch Tuesday updates. And it seems the tablets are in for some notable improvements. The updates are said to improve

Microsoft Launches A USB To Ethernet Adapter For Surface

Redmond had promised additional hardware for its Surface tablets every once in a while, and now the company has just introduced a brand new accessory for its premier slates. No fancy names for this accessory, however. It

Surface Pro To Go On Sale In Hong Kong On May 17

As Microsoft continues to bring its flagship Windows 8 tablet to new markets around the globe, its Hong Kong subsidiary has just announced that the Surface Pro would go on sale locally in the country. Sales are

Surface Pro Stylus Finally Gets Pressure Sensitivity Fix

One of the big letdowns for the Surface Pro when it hit store shelves on February 9 was the lack of stylus support in popular applications like Photoshop, Illustrator and CorelDRAW. Users reported issued with pressure sensitivity

Bill Gates Lends Support To Windows 8 And Surface

Microsoft is yet to provide any official updated sales figures for Windows 8 and Surface tablets, leaving it up to market watchers and analyst to provide estimates. And with varying estimates comes varying degree of evaluations —

New Surface Tablet Said To Sport A 7.5-Inch Display, Retail For Under $399

The imminent release of Surface tablets in most major markets around the globe means that Microsoft has sorted out the production issues and is now saturating the store shelves with its tablets. All eyes are now on

Share Your Surface Success Story, Microsoft Asks Users

Are you a proud Surface owner? Want to let people know how you are using your shiny new tablet? Then Microsoft’s fresh new monthly series may just be the thing for you. The technology titan will publish

Another School Chooses Microsoft Tablets Over iPads

Microsoft continues its efforts to promote its Surface line of tablets around the world, including enterprises, organizations and institutes. The fact that these tablets run a familiar operating system and several recognizable software solutions plays heavily in