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Surface Mini Will Only Launch In 2015, Says New Report

Reliable new report, at that. Mary Jo Foley has finally chipped in with some new details regarding the elusive Surface Mini tablet, confirming what many already thought. That is, contrary to some new rumors, the Surface Mini

Surface Mini Back In Business, Launch Set For This Summer

Surface Mini, the tablet that was reportedly cancelled at the last minute, is back in business. The elusive tablet slate was expected to launch at the end of May at a special event. However, for some reason,

Surface Pro 3 Trade In Gets You Up To $650 For Your MacBook Air

Microsoft was quick to point out the possibilities of how the Surface Pro 3 was a tablet that replaced laptops, essentially freeing users that carried both a notebook and a tablet, to just concentrate on one single

Microsoft Invites Everyone For Festivities At Surface Pro 3 Launch

The Surface Pro 3 is about to hit retail on June 20, and Microsoft have prepared some very special extravaganzas to make sure that customers will be there to try out the new device. At launch. Shows

UPMC Orders 2,000 Surface Pro 3 Tablets To Replace iPads

The Surface Pro 3 is yet to hit retail, but organizations left and right are placing orders in large quantities for Microsoft’s third generation slate that combines the best of both laptops and tablets. For these companies

Microsoft Releases New Updates For Surface 2 And Surface Pro 2

Owners of the second generation Surface models now have access to new updates that take care of a few of the reported bugs and bring a few enhancements to their devices. Part of Microsoft’s Patch Tuesday update

Is Microsoft Secretly Working On The Surface Mini?

The technology world, at large, was in for a surprise last month when Microsoft, instead of unveiling the Surface Mini, announced the Surface Pro 3, a device which the company says could replace a traditional laptop while

Here Are The Full Surface Pro 3 Technical Specifications

Microsoft expanded their tablet lineup with a powerful new model yesterday at a press event in New York. And although primarily aimed at corporate users, the Surface Pro 3 holds great interest for power users and enthusiasts

Dude, where’s my Surface Mini? Some say that it was cancelled

The launch of the Surface Pro 3 might have been the highlight of today’s event in New York, but perhaps just an important aspect was the absence of the Surface Mini. Because there were sure voices that

Surface Pro 3 Goes On Sale Tomorrow, Starts At $799

Microsoft calls the just announced Surface Pro 3 as its most powerful tablet ever. One look at it and you know it is also the company’s most stunning hardware creation. Ever. And the best part? It can