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Firefox 63 Brings Support For Windows 10 Dark Mode

A new version of the Firefox web browser is in the air! And Firefox 63 brings with it several improvements for Windows 10 both in terms of looks and features. Including support for the dark mode in

Microsoft Releases New Windows 10 Themes

Some say, one can never have enough themes and wallpapers to customize a PC. Microsoft seems to agree, as the company is here with new Widows 10 themes, and by extension, wallpapers. These new packs allow users

This Is What File Explorer Should Look Like

Or you know, something like this. Microsoft may have recently finalized the look of the File Explorer in Windows 10, however not everyone is pleased with the effort. Which you can take a look at here. It’s

Windows 10 Concept Goes Full Windows XP

Feeling blue? How about we brighten up your life with a new Windows 10 concept that has been doing the rounds lately. Extra kudos if you love the Windows XP look. And that’s because this design imagines

File Explorer Finally Gets A Dark Theme In Windows 10

Darkness rising! Nah, it’s only the stylish dark theme for File Explorer that Microsoft is working on. And the first signs of that have been spotted in a Windows 10 Redstone 5 build. Well, more than just

How To Use The Dark Theme For Apps In Windows 10

If you like your apps in a black shade, then Windows 10 allows you to use a dark theme throughout the applications in the operating system. It can be turned on by a simple toggle. Some apps

New iPhone 5 Concept Photos

A bunch of new iPhone 5 concept photos have leaked online that look absolutely amazing. I thought I would share those. Before the nonsense comments begin, let me explain. This is the standard for mobile phones. You

New Windows 8 wallpapers and Metro Screenshots is reporting that there are a bunch of new Windows 8 screenshots that are different from the Windows 8 Consumer Preview. There are obviously some new wallpapers but they also show slight differences in the tile structure in

Top 3 Windows 8 Halloween Themes

I’m not into Halloween or whatever but this site is not about me so here we go. On the web, here are the top 3 Windows 8 Halloween themes for your computer. Halloween Theme This is from

New Windows 8 wallpapers from Deviant Art – Part 5

So, part 5 of our Windows 8 wallpapers from deviantART. One of the best places to find great examples is deviantART. This is one of the best free onlince resources for creative and unique artwork. deviantART is