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Microsoft reports $21.46 billion in revenue for Q4 2012

Earlier today I reported that Microsoft was privately blaming vendors for slow sales with Windows 8, though keep in mind that the source of the article was an unnamed person reporting to the Register. Now it seems

Some Windows 8 Devices use BIOS embedded product key

Have you bought a brand new Windows 8 laptop yet? If you have, you might have noticed something missing on many of these devices, a little sticker on the bottom of the laptop. For about as long

Staples Marketing Campaign Offers Free Windows 8 Training with New Purchases

The learning curve in Windows 8 is somewhat steppe, or at least it appears to be on the surface. The truth is that Windows 8 has some changes with the Start Screen UI but it’s not hard

Microsoft’s Early Windows 8 Mock-Ups, How Things have Changed

Many of the readers here at Windows 8 Update might already know a great deal about how Windows 8 looked and felt during its early Beta days. The mobile-centric desktop OS has certainly come a long way

Steve Jobs was right (again) – Flash is dead

Never bet against Steve Jobs. Flash is dead – Long live HTML5! In an official announcement, Adobe’s official announcement, Danny Winokur, Adobe’s VP and general manager of interactive development, wrote: “HTML5 is now universally supported on major

How Windows Live Integrates Into Windows 8

Windows Live is Microsoft’s suite of programs that has some programs installed directly on the computer and some programs that are run through a web browser. It was introduced in 2005 and hasn’t really gained as much