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Chinese City Switches From Windows To NeoKylin

You learn a new thing every day! Apparently NeoKylin is the name of a Linux distribution, one that an entire Chinese city has moved to after dropping Microsoft Windows. Redmond’s trouble in the country continues, all due

The Mysterious Munich Affair Could Be Embarrassing for Microsoft

The city of Munich in Germany began an effort in 2003 to migrate 15,000 personal computers and laptops of public employees from Windows NT to free and open source software. In doing so, they chose a Linux

PC Helps IT Survey Gives Clues to Windows 8 Migration Strategies

PC Helps conducted a survey in September among 500 corporate IT users to better understand opinions of, and strategies towards deployment of Windows 8 in organizations. The survey shows that Windows 7 migration is generally underway in

Large XP User Base May be a Sales Opportunity for Windows 8

Much has been made of the persistently large market share of users and businesses continuing to run Windows XP, despite three newer generations of Windows OSs (Vista, 7 and now 8). This market share is estimated at

Microsoft to Windows XP: Why Won’t You Die?

The latest report from StatCounter, the Independent web analytics company states that venerable, eleven year old XP still accounts for almost 28% usage share worldwide. It is a little bit of a problem for Microsoft, who need

Video – Using Windows 8 Technologies to Safely and Easily Migrate User Data

Microsoft IT improved the user experience and increased productivity by streamlining the migration from previous Windows operating systems to Windows 8 Beta. The solution leveraged a polished Metro UI featuring Windows 8 client/server technologies, USMT 5.0, Microsoft

New Windows 8 Enterprise Research from Information Week

Information Week has come up with a really good article about the response that Enterprises have to Windows 8. You can read more here. There were some really good takeaways from the article and I think it