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How come Google isn’t taking Chrome OS more seriously? The time is now to compete with Microsoft!

The most strategic tech error of the 21st Century surely has to be the way that Google has mishandled their Operating System – Chrome OS. OK maybe that’s hyperbole but based on the fact that Microsoft stumbled

Microsoft’s Susan Rice Problem: Who will defend Windows 8?

A few months ago, the Obama administration did something that quite frankly was pretty shameful. They let word leak that they were considering Susan Rice for the Secretary of State position and then they let her dangle

The shocking results of our Microsoft Surface Pro Poll

So last Friday, I asked you guys to tell me whether you would buy a Microsoft Surface Pro and opened up a poll last week. The results were VERY interesting. As of this morning, almost 1200 of

Microsoft will only allow China to upgrade to Windows 8 via download

In a move that seems to be born from the urge to curb piracy, Microsoft is not going to be distributing Windows 8 physical media for sale in China. PCWorld is reporting that Chinese residents/citizens will only

AMD cutting jobs, up to 30 percent of employees globally?

As an AMD fan, I truly had hopes that Windows 8 might be the golden opportunity for the company to provide a hand at creating cheap yet capable tablets that could compete against the army of Intel

RUMOR – Microsoft Surface to sell for $199? Too brilliant to be true…

In a story that is lighting the blogs on fire, Engadget is reporting that Microsoft will be selling the Microsoft Surface Tablet on the 26th of October for $199. I am skeptical of this story for one

Microsoft, Windows 8 and Piracy – an interesting conundrum

So as you all know, we are all about to be introduced to the lates Operating System from Microsoft – Windows 8. There is one thing that I have recently started to wonder about and that is

Should Brand Loyality Matter That Much?

Whether we are talking about video game systems, computer platforms, televisions, or really any electronic device at all, one thing remains: brand loyalty. Brand loyalty is also harshly known by many around the Internet as fanboyism. My

10 factors that will determine the success of Windows 8 Tablets

I’ve had a chance to sit back and think about some of the key factors that will determine the relative success of Windows 8 Tablets when they are released over the next couple of years. I say

Fixingwindows8.com seems to have shut down

Fixing Windows 8 — a new site run (apparently run) by user interface designer and former Microsoft employee Michael Bibik Jr seems to have been shut down. The URL seems to be going to a blank page