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Minecraft: Pocket Edition Launches On Windows Phone

Boy that was quick! Microsoft has wasted no time in brining Minecraft: Pocket Edition on Windows Phone, after purchasing the franchise some three months back. This was always on the cards when Redmond completed the purchase in

Screenshot Confirms Minecraft Windows Phone Port

As if there was any doubt that a Minecraft Windows Phone port was not in development, we now have the first screenshot from a build of the game that is at internal testing. At internal testing at

Minecraft Coming To Windows 8, Windows Phone

Microsoft made a bit of a splash last week after purchasing the development studio behind Minecraft. The popular game coming to Windows platforms, then, was a foregone conclusion. And now we have some official confirmation. But before

Week In Review (Sep 15 – Sep 19)

Another week that was unequivocally all about Windows 9. Microsoft may not have said a thing about the next versions of its operating system, but details leaked hard, and they leaked fast. Speaking of details, we also

Microsoft Buys Minecraft For $2.5 Billion

Microsoft buys Minecraft, or rather, the company has officially completed the purchase of Mojang, the developer behind the hit game. After heavy rumors these past few days, we now have it official. The global phenomenon started first

Minesweeper Finds Its Way For Windows RT

Before Minecraft, there was Minesweeper. The classic logic game has been included as one of the built-in games for Microsoft’s operating system since Windows 3.1. This widespread availability made it notorious as one of the most played

Minecraft developer speaks out against Windows 8 and the new Store

Many game and program developers for Windows have spoken out recently about Windows Store, the new certification process for apps and the ecosystem changes coming with the new OS. Most of these developers have been negative about