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Smart Quote of the Day – Paul Thurrott

With marketing spin, it’s sometimes not what you say but how exactly you say it. Paul had a very perceptive catch on his site the other day re: Microsoft’s claims about demand and sales of the new

Dumb Quote of the day – Todd Park – US Chief Technology Officer

Now I’m not trying to start any new drama but this quote is pretty unbelievable. Any IT leader who said these words after a disaster would be fired immediately which leaves me wondering why this dude still

Microsoft Buys Analytics Vendor Netbreeze

Part of its increased focus on the CRM business, Microsoft just announced that it has taken over an analytics company by the name of Netbreeze. Terms of the deal were, however, not disclosed. The software giant believes

Windows Intune Gets New BYOD Focused Update

Microsoft had already confirmed that Windows Intune 4, the long anticipated update to the company’s device management service was due out in early 2013. Now the company has just released what it has labeled Wave D of

The readers speak, what has been your experience ordering the Surface Pro this weekend?

    So it looks like the launch of the Microsoft Surface Pro has been something akin to a disaster. Yes it seems like the devices are sold out across the country but it also seems like there has been a

Microsoft’s Data Chief, Ted Kummert, Set To Leave Microsoft

Corporate vice president and Microsoft’s head of the Data Platform Group (DPG), Ted Kummert is reportedly set to leave the company on January 31. Redmond has already announced this change. As head of Data Platform Group, Kummert

Ask your Windows 8 Questions Here – Friday January 18th 2013

So I’m going to start something new. Every Friday, I’ll open up a post for you to ask Windows 8 questions using the comments below. If you have a Windows 8 question that you need an answer

What the heck is the difference between Office 365 and Office 2013? Here’s what I found

So the really therapeutic thing about my site for me is that it allows me to work out my Microsoft issues in front of thousands of people. When I feel frustration, you see it in the articles,

Steven Sinofsky offers a “trip report” about CES 2013

Former Windows Head Steven Sinofsky updated his blog with a disturbingly detailed recounting of CES 2013. Ironically, if you didn’t attend CES this year, this blog post actually does a great job in giving you the highlights

Why do you want to purchase a Microsoft Surface Pro?

As we go into the weekend, I have a very simple question to ask you guys and girls. For those of you who plan to purchase a Microsoft Surface Pro later this month when it’s released, my