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Game Developer Criticizes Microsoft’s Windows Phone Strategy

Game Troopers is one of the more popular developers around. They came to the Windows Phone platform in good faith a couple of years ago, launched titles, and found notable success. All that said, things really have

Trekstor Needs Your Help To Launch A New Windows Phone

New Windows phone announcements are so far and few between these days that they are a breath of fresh air when they come. Trekstor is here with the latest. The German company wants to launch a Windows

HP Elite x3 Verizon Edition Shows Up On Microsoft Store

A HP Elite x3 model compatible with Verizon is now available on the Microsoft Store, with Microsoft now selling the smartphone at $599, confirming the rumors that had been swirling for a while. This is a Windows

Microsoft Thinking About A New Kind Of Mobile Device

Andromeda! Despite the Windows Phone affair not working as expected, Microsoft, it seems, has not given up on the idea of mobile devices running its operating system. As we already know, the company has been working to

Windows 10 Mobile Builds Aren’t Going Anywhere

Microsoft may have slowed things down for Windows 10 Mobile, but even though users should not expect any new hardware from Redmond soon, the company plans to keep on with the Insider program. Which is to say,

Windows 10 Mobile Fall Creators Update Has Already Launched

But if you are not one of the lucky few in Finland, you may start seeing the update notification for the Windows 10 Mobile Fall Creators Update on your handset later this week. And that’s because open

Windows Phone Stood No Chance, Microsoft CEO Admits

Now that the dust has settled on the Windows Phone affair, we hear the thoughts straight from the Microsoft CEO about why the company’s mobile platform had no chance against Android and iOS. This, comes days after

Windows Phone No Longer A Priority, Joe Belfiore Confirms

Well, if you must hear it from someone, then there’s no one better than Joe Belfiore. The former steward of the Windows Phone platform has finally broken silence. And he chosen a ding dang time to do

HP Workspace Quietly Abandoned

How’s that for a headline? Sad news from the front today, as it appears that HP has quietly pulled the plug on HP Workspace, its app virtualization solution for the Elite x3. The one that allowed the

HP Elite x3 Sales Will Continue Till 2019

The past few months have raised some uncertainty regarding the future of the HP Elite x3, the flagship Windows 10 Mobile handset from the hardware giant that currently is the best buy for the platform. Earlier today,