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Will Windows 8 Feature Metro-style Everywhere?

In order seriously compete in the tablet market, Microsoft completely overhauled its operating system and mimicked the Start ‘screen’ of Windows Phone for its the upcoming Windows 8 operating system. It also imitated Windows Phone’s sleek fonts

Iphone 5 coming in October – heavy promotion starting during BUILD?

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the Iphone 5 will be available this October. Also being reported is the fact that Sprint will also be one of the vendors selling the phone. Sprint Nextel Corp. will

Start your engines! Microsoft accepting Windows Phone Mango Apps

Microsoft has begun to accept Mango apps. Developers are now able to submit their applications in anticipation of the Windows Phone 7.5 launch in the coming months. The updated apps will allow developers to take advantage of

Seriously, what is RIM’s future?

With all the attention being paid to Microsoft and what they will be doing with Windows Phone 8, the question always comes up: What’s going to happen to RIM? There’s a new article on ZDNet that you

Microsoft finally mention Windows Phone 8

Right now, Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 OS is waiting for the next major upgrade – the anticipated “Mango” release. It’s believed that Windows Phone 8, aka “Apollo” is the next version after that, rumored to be coming

Yes – Microsoft should buy Nokia or RIM

Mary Jo Foley just wrote a post where she feels like Microsoft should NOT acquire either RIM or Nokia. I disagree. Some of her points… I’ve seen a number of Microsoft watchers tweeting that it’s all but inevitable

New Windows Phone 8 Wallpaper

Happy Monday! This is a new Windows Phone 8 concept wallpaper by a Deviant Art user named Metro UI. It’s a large wallpaper so click on the image below to get the full size. Stay tuned for

Google acquires Motorola Mobility for 12.5 billion dollars

Google announced Monday that it will acquire Motorola Mobility for $12.5 billion in order to “supercharge” its Android mobile operating system and build up its patent portfolio. In a blog post championing the acquisition, Google chief Larry

Skype video calling coming to Windows Phone

A job posting by Skype seems to indicate that Skype Video calling will be coming to Windows Phone. In the job posting Skype is looking for a developer to optimise their Video Engine solution for Windows and

Nokia desperately need Microsoft Windows Phone to succeed

Research firm Canalys announced that in the smartphone market, Google Android kicks ass. Their Android platform has taken almost 50 percent of the global smartphone market, dominating in the Asia-Pacific region. Android, which Google acquired in 2005