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The Windows Store Now Hosts 175,000 Metro Apps

Onwards and upwards! Microsoft’s Windows 8 platform is now starting to show some real strength, with Windows Store now offering more than 175,000 unique Metro apps for download. They took a while coming, though. Towards the end

VLC For Windows Phone Almost Ready, Assures Developer

VideoLAN just released a much needed new version of VLC for Windows 8.1 on the Windows Store, but VLC for Windows Phone is still eagerly awaited by many users. You can read up on the launch of

VLC For Windows 8.1 Updated, Gets New User Interface

Despite its less than perfect launch, the VLC port for Microsoft’s modern platform is a certified hit. A new VLC for Windows 8.1 has just been made available for download. And this new build ticks all the

Even Sony Is Now Copying Microsoft’s Modern UI

Either Microsoft is doing something right, or other companies are doing it wrong. Probably a bit of both. Sony is the newest technology titan that has outright copied the Modern UI. Or Metro, for the purists among

Windows 8.1 August Update Brings Another New Modern UI Feature

Nothing earth shattering, but just something that inches the Modern UI closer to the traditional desktop environment in terms of feature sets and all that. A simple new addition. This probably is how Microsoft will keep its

Google’s Material Design Language Is Strangely Similar To Metro

Metro, Modern, Material, what’s in a name, eh? Google is currently holding its I/O developer event, and one of the first things showcased in the keynote was the company’s new Material Design language. This is Google’s attempt

Desktop Skype Users To Get Modern Features Soon

Skype is one Microsoft service that gets updates on a regular basis, and this new one is rather interesting. Desktop users of Skype are in line to get some Modern features in the very near future. And

Where In The Blue Blazes Was Windows 9 At BUILD 2014?

Rumors, technology rumors in particular, should always be taken at face value. They can turn out to be true as easily as they can be false. Microsoft, for instance, was expected to talk about a couple of

Firefox Developer Thinks Windows 8 Is Not In Trouble, Far From It

Mozilla dropped a bomb recently when it stop development on Firefox for Windows 8, citing the slow adoption of the Modern UI as the deciding factor in this strange decision. The news hit the technology world by

Microsoft Is Aware That Windows 8.1 Is Quite Different For Windows XP Users

The final three weeks. April 8 is so close, one can almost feel the sun rising on that momentous day approaching. It is set to be the day when Windows XP receives its final batch of security