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Motorola Moto 360 Price Is Reportedly Quite Affordable

The smartwatch industry has to deal with skeptics and doubters at this earliest of stages, even though a wide variety of models are now available, from companies large and small. However, the Moto 360 smartwatch from Motorola

HTC, BlackBerry And Motorola Getting Ready To Say Goodbye To The Tablet Game

Of all the different spheres of computing technologies, tablets are the ones that are said to possess the brightest future. A future, some say, is even more vibrant than what the increasingly saturated mobile and smartphone market

Microsoft Wins Again In Patent Dispute, Motorola Ordered To Pay $14 Million

Part of the reason why Google bought Motorola Mobility was its notable portfolio of technology patents. But things are not quite working out as well as Google may have desired. Redmond has once again been declared victor

Week In Review (Apr 22 – Apr 26)

This was a week that started well for Microsoft but ended even better. The company finally announced its intention to bring the Surface tablets to several key markets around the globe, including Europe. It capped off by

Judge Sides With Microsoft In Motorola’s $4 Billion Patent Demand

The technology patent war just took a rather interesting turn earlier today when a judge gave the verdict that Motorola’s patents are not worth the $4 billion per year it mandates Microsoft to pay. In fact, the

Motorola Solutions Preparing A Rugged Windows 8 Tablet

While Microsoft is busy preparing to launch its very own x86 tablet in the form of Surface Pro, Motorola Solutions is planning to jump into the game and release a Windows 8 tablet. Bust instead of targeting

Android daily phone activations reach a record high

Holy cow! I read this and almost fell off my chair. According to Google’s Senior Vice President of Mobile, Andy Rubin, Android device activations are now at 850,000 per day. Almost 1 million phones a day coming online with the

Microsoft Lodges Formal Compaint Against Motorola With The EU

These days it seems that Google and Microsoft, in one way or another, are almost constantly at war with one another. Adding to the drama, on Wednesday Microsoft lodged a formal complaint with the EU’s competition regulator

New Windows Phone commercials from Nokia

New commcercials for Windows Phones from Nokia. The first is for the Nokia Lumia 710 The second is for the Lumia 900. I haven’t used these phones yet. Do any of you guys plan to

Microsoft Wins Patent Suit Against Motorola

There is fine line between protecting your patents and bullying other companies, a line that many different companies in the mobile world have been flirting with. Apple recently won a patent against HTC regarding the ability to