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Windows 10 Start Menu

Windows 10 Start Menu May Get A Side Pane Soon

And it’s coming to a PC near you! Looks like Microsoft is planning some new features for the Windows 10 Start Menu, with refinements already…

Icon Windows 10 Mail

Inking Support Comes To The Windows 10 Mail App

Microsoft may have embraced inking in Windows 10 with the Anniversary Update back in 2016, but the company sure is taking its sweet time in…


How To Switch The Primary Mouse Button In Windows 10

Left or right, that be the question! In Windows, you can easily select the primary mouse button of your mouse to be either left or…


How To Enable Background Scrolling In Windows 10

Took a long time coming, this, but Windows now finally has background scrolling. This handy feature basically allows you to scroll inactive windows when you…


How To Right Click With Keyboard In Windows 10

Right click is one of the most important options built into Windows. When you press the right button on your mouse or touchpad on an…

Microsoft Designer Mouse

Microsoft Gearing Up To Launch A New Designer Mouse

Because that’s just what the world needs right now! Microsoft has a certain pedigree in designing computer peripherals, particularly keyboards and mice, and in the…


Microsoft Releases An Official Patch For Windows 8.1 Mouse Issues

I guess it can be said with reasonable assurance that the mouse issues affecting some games on Windows 8.1 were rather widespread, because Microsoft rolled…


Microsoft Releases Official Workarounds For Windows 8.1 Mouse Lag Issues

Though by and large, Windows 8.1 has been a neat, bug free release, users have nevertheless reported a bunch of issues that affect the latest…


Here Is A Quick Fix For Mouse Lag In Games On Windows 8.1

The recently reported mouse lag when playing games on Windows 8.1 is a tad more widespread than initially thought, but while Microsoft is working on…


Some Users Report Mouse Stutter And Lag When Gaming In Windows 8.1

Remember all those bug reports that started surfacing soon after the Windows 8.1 Preview officially made its way to the web? Microsoft seems to have…