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HP Stream 14 Laptop To Go On Sale Soon For Just $199

Dirt cheap redefined? The wave of highly affordable Windows 8.1 laptops is taking another turn, with news that HP Stream 14 is to hit the store shelves for only $199. Powered by AMD Mullins, the HP Stream

HP Pavilion 10z Laptop With AMD Mullins Launches For $250

It is rather amusing that both HP and AMD have been left out of the mobile game. While Intel and others are making steady progress, both these companies leave much to be desired. However, on the PC

AMD Steps Up To The Party With Beema And Mullins APUs

The power, these days, lies in low-power processors. This is Intel’s main focus, and ARM’s main forte. And now AMD has formally entered the market of low power computing with its own solutions. Beema and Mullins APUs

AMD Initiates Project Discovery, Gaming Tablets Could Be Incoming

Unlike its partner in crime, Intel, AMD has been rather slow to get into the mobile and tablet business. In fact, let’s just keep it to tablets, because bother processors makers are almost nonexistent on smartphones —