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Windows 10 Now Supports HEIF Format

It’s not very often you see a new file format making its way out in the open, but Microsoft has just introduced one. Dubbed HEIF, short for High Efficiency Image Format. Support for this new format was

VLC For Windows 8 Development Is Almost Complete

One of the most popular multimedia players in the world should soon find itself available for users of Microsoft’s newest platform. VLC for Windows 8 is nearly release, and fast. VideoLAN, the developer of the application have

App Watch: FLV Media Player

There is no shortage of video players available on the Windows Store. But a number of multimedia playback applications on the Windows Store are lacking FLV support. And this actually is one of the reasons why so

App Watch: Metro Media Player

The highly anticipated VLC for Windows 8 may still be in the coding stage as of this writing, but that has not stopped Windows 8 users in their search for finding the best multimedia player for their

VLC for Windows 8 RT Fully Funded on Kickstarter With Five days To Go

Now that VLC has achieved full funding of their $65,000 project on the crowdfunding platform, Kickstarter, VLC for Windows 8 RT is now officially in the works as a Windows 8 app. VLC is a free and