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Munich Ditches Linux, Moves Back To Windows

German city Munich has apparently had enough of Linux, as it has decided to move away from the open source operating system after 14 years,…


It Seems Munich Is Not Giving Up On Linux, After All

False alarm, people. It appears that the city of Munich, the pioneer of the transition from Windows to open source, is not actually giving up…


Munich Switching Back To Windows After Linux Disappointment

Rewind the clock back to 2004, if you will, when the city of Munich decided to renounce the Windows platform and replaced it with Linux….


Microsoft Ready To Construct A Massive New Headquarter In Germany

China is apparently not the only market Microsoft is looking to aggressively expand its business. The Redmond based technology titan has big plans for Europe…


The Mysterious Munich Affair Could Be Embarrassing for Microsoft

The city of Munich in Germany began an effort in 2003 to migrate 15,000 personal computers and laptops of public employees from Windows…


Microsoft Believes Munich’s Migration To Linux Is A Waste Of Cash

A few months back the city of Munich determined that a software upgrade was in order. City officials decided to move away from Windows XP…