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Spotify App Finally Gets A Live Tile On Windows 10

One of the signature features of the Windows platform has finally come to the official Spotify app for Windows 10. Live Tiles are now available for the application, in various sizes. Spotify has taken centerstage lately, after

Windows 8.1 App Watch: Qello

Music fans, rejoice! Another high profile app has recently landed on the Windows Store. Qello is billed as the Netflix of music concerts and documentaries, and it is now available for users of Windows 8. The app

Windows 8.1 App Watch: Rdio

Finally, a Windows 8.1 app that does not take the Metro design philosophy literally. The official application of the music streaming service Rdio, allows users to sign in and easily access the service. In terms of content,

Windows 8.1 App Watch: MusicTube

Music and YouTube apps were one of the first to appear on the Windows Store, for obvious reasons, and there are some pretty neat solutions currently available. But MusicTube aims to offer an even more streamlined experience

Windows 8.1 App Watch: iHeartRadio

Been a while since we’ve featured a music or radio app on this column, and what better way to do so than by talking about one of the most popular choices available on the Windows Store. Already

Windows 8.1 App Watch: Liquid MyConnect Studio

If I were a betting man, I’d wager heavily on the fact that LL Cool J loves Windows 8.1. And that is because the man (or rather his company Boomdizzle) launched a brand new app on the

Microsoft Highlights Windows 8.1 Apps To Experience New Music

It has been a while since we have seen a new spotlight category, but the Windows Store team has just put one up. And boy, it sure is a treat for the music lovers amongst you. This

Windows 8.1 App Watch: 8Tracks Radio

Start the brand new year with some catchy tunes! In the category of one of the better music streaming and discovery apps on the Windows Store we have 8Tracks Radio. By quite some distance, at that. It

Bing Brings Music Video Search With New Feature Update

Microsoft continues enhancing its Bing search engine, this time adding music videos to the video search capabilities that were made part of the package back in September. Back then, the search service displayed a special interface for

Windows 8.1 App Watch: Searchler

Been a while since we’ve featured a music app, and one rather neat one is Searchler, a music video playlist generator. It allows users the ability to create their own video playlists within the app simply by