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Microsoft To Appear At MWC 2015, With New Lumia Phones

Microsoft is all set to attend MWC 2015, also known as Mobile World Congress, the premier event for the mobile world that takes place in Barcelona at the start of every year. The company confirmed this via

Nokia Lumia 2020 Tablet Also Rumored For A MWC 2014 Showing

Why just create a 10-inch tablet, when you can also design an 8-inch variant? This seems to be exactly what Nokia is thinking right now, as rumors that the company is gearing up to release a smaller

Another Rumor Points To A MWC Showing For The Nokia Lumia 1820 Flagship

One thing about the mobile world is that it rarely stops to take a breath. Companies continue releasing new models, updating favorites and flagships left and right, sometimes a bit too fast for most tastes. Nokia, for

Rumor: Nokia Set To Debut A Budget Lumia Smartphones At MWC 2013

Only a few days remain until the 2013 edition of the Mobile World Congress trade show at Barcelona gets underway, and unsurprisingly, rumors have also gained pace as we approach the event. One such rumor is that