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New substitute for the name "Metro".. *sigh*

Superwoman Mary Jo Foley has gotten a little more clarity about what Microsoft plan to use to replace the word “Metro” in their marketing material going forward. You probably have heard of the marketing brouhaha about the

Windows 8 Update – Microsoft reveal final Windows 8 name and number of editions – 5

In a new blog post today on the Windows Team blog, Microsoft have finally shed light on both the final name for Windows 8 and what the different SKU’s for Windows will be. Let’s start with the

New Xbox rumor – Xbox could be called Xbox 8

This is an interesting rumor and would actually be cool if it was executed. The website is reporting that the next generation Xbox may be called “Xbox 8“. Whilst the next-gen Xbox is commonly known and

More evidence that Windows 8 Beta may be called "Windows 8 Consumer Preview"

Interesting post from the blog of one Darren W Baker that seems to back up Paul Thurrotts theory about the new name for the Windows 8 Beta – “Windows 8 Consumer Preview”. He posts an image of

Is it time for the rebranding of Windows?

The website is reporting that Microsoft may be considering rebranding the entire Windows ecosystem and here’s the kicker – scrapping the Windows name might be an option. The excerpt: Turns out that almost exactly describes something we heard

Windows 8 is the final name for this Operating System

I just saw a great catch at windows8news that I have to agree with. For the past few years months, there has been extensive speculation about the actual name of the next version of Windows from Microsoft.

Microsoft internally have acknowledged the name "Windows 8"

Microsoft staff are now officially allowed to refer to 2012′s impending Windows release as “Windows 8″. There is a caveat with this however. This caveat is that no formal naming has yet taken place for the product

Steve Ballmer confirms Windows 8 name and says it’s due in 2012

We’re obviously hard at work on the next version of Windows. Windows 7 PCs will sell over 350 million units this year. We’ve done a lot in Windows 7 to improve customer satisfaction. We have a brand

Rumors for Windows 8: Windows 8 really might not be the final name

Another tip from my source “Ryan”. According to him, the moniker Windows 8 is not at all certain at this point. He says there are several camps in Microsoft who are for and against the number moniker.

Will Windows 8 even be called Windows 8?

Interesting article from Softpedia today. There has always been speculation about exactly what the name of the new operating system from Microsoft would be after the success of Windows 7. Obviously in light of the fact that