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Microsoft Browsers Continue Their Free Fall

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times! For Microsoft browsers, Edge and Internet Explorer, it certainly is the latter, as…


Internet Explorer Now Has Over Double The Share Of Chrome

The browser wars are well and alive, then! Internet Explorer has shown some strong progress over the past couple of years, even though Microsoft is…

Windows 7 ISO Downloads

Windows 7 Just Keeps On Growing And Growing And Growing

Windows 7 is currently the most popular operating system in the world, on the desktop side if nothing else, but the platform still keeps adding…

Net Applications Browser November 204

Internet Explorer 11 Has Now Cornered A Quarter Of The Market

That Internet Explorer 11 is one of the top used browsers in the world is not news, but the Microsoft’s flagship solution keeps on growing…

Net Applictations OS November 2014

Windows 8.1 Continues Improving Its Market Share

Another month, and another confirmation that Windows XP users are upgrading in droves. Windows 8.1 adoption continues, and Microsoft’s latest keeps growing its market share. New…

Net Applications OS October 2014

Windows 8.1 The Winner As Windows XP Posts Big Drop

The fortunes of two uniquely varying Microsoft operating systems swung wildly in October. Windows 8.1 adoption skyrocketed this past month, while Windows XP experienced its…


Windows Phone Mobile Web Usage Finally Surpasses Symbian

Another milestone. Windows Phone mobile web usage has just now crossed another important landmark, overtaking the Symbian operating platform for the first time. Microsoft is, obviously,…


Internet Explorer 8 Is Still The Most Used Browser In The World

The old version kept the crown for a while more. Internet Explorer 8 has managed to stay in top position for another month, with numbers…


Windows XP Lost Users In July 2014, As Did Windows 8, 8.1

The new month dawns, bringing both good news and bad for Microsoft. A number of Windows platform have lost users, including Windows XP, Windows 8…


Internet Explorer Rules The World With A 58.38% Share In June 2014

Another month, another tussle. The technology world sure is divided when it comes to determining the most popular web browser. StatCounter believes Google Chrome is…