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Windows Video – parallelization with .NET and Visual Studio

Another good video from the MSDN Microsoft library. In this code-intensive video session, Microsoft teach what’s next for parallelization with .NET and Visual Studio, diving deep into performance enhancements, new Visual Studio tooling, and new libraries and

What does Paul Thurrott know about Windows 8 support for .NET and Silverlight?

While doing my daily scan of interesting Windows 8 News, I couldn’t possibly help but notice an interesting line on Paul Thurrotts WinInfo Short Takes blog today. Now those of you who know Paul (from his work

XAML, Silverlight and .NET – with Windows 8 clarity comes questions

Julie Larson-Green, Microsoft’s corporate vice president of the Windows experience said “This application [Windows 8] was written in our new development platform, based on HTML5 and JavaScript. … People can write new applications … using the things they

Microsoft .NET Framework 4 standard in Windows 8

Interesting rumor on the forums about Windows 8. Word on the street is that it may come with Microsoft .NET Framework 4. What is .NET? The .NET Framework is Microsoft’s comprehensive and consistent programming model for building applications