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Microsoft Bringing Xbox Game Pass To PC

We have a new contender! After notable success on the Xbox platform, Microsoft has now revealed plans to bring its Game Pass subscription service to PC. This is a service similar to Netflix, where gamers pay $9.99

Windows 10 Users Can Now Stream Netflix In HDR

Finally! Netflix has just announced that Windows 10 users now have the ability to stream the service in high dynamic range, and this news comes about a year after support for 4K for the platform. HDR, if

Netflix CEO: Windows 8 Infinitely More Important For Microsoft

The Surface, as the first tablet in Microsoft’s history, may be getting most of the attention right now, but the CEO of Netflix believes that it is Windows 8 that will play a much more important role

Hulu is coming to Windows 8 on Launch Day

What makes a tablet successful? Productivity? Entertainment options? A little bit of both? Microsoft is preparing for its tablet push with Windows 8 and I believe they have the potential to do really well. That being said,

Netflix app for Windows 8 is now available

Well they took their frikkin time. Netflix have finally launched their app for Windows 8. You can head over to the Windows Store now and grab the Netflix app. This is a modern UI (or Metro) app and

Using Metro For Entertainment And Casual Uses

So I recently talked about my own experience with Windows 8 on the business side of things. Based on the lack of apps and overall design of Metro, it is clear that using ‘desktop’ mode is really