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Windows 10 Market Share Went Down In February

Really? It takes an awful lot to move Windows 10 market share up or down these days, but apparently February was not that kind a month for Microsoft’s newest operating system. The company is coming off of

Windows XP Usage On The Up, For Some Reason

As weird as it sounds, Windows XP actually managed to increase its market share in the month of October 2017. Surprising, for an operating system that launched 16 years ago. And support for which came at an

Users Replacing Edge With Chrome At A Rapid Pace

The browser wars. They’ve been quite one sided for some time now, and things probably won’t change anytime soon, as Edge continued its slow decline this past month. Meanwhile, Chrome saw another uptick as it closed in

Windows 10 Market Share Barely Increased Last Month

Despite the arrival of the Fall Creators Update, Windows 10 only increased its market share by a smidgeon last month, growing its market share by less than a single percent. More specifically, the OS went from 29.09%

Windows 10 Records Major Drop, As Linux Gains Big

A new month, and a new batch of statistics. The big news in September is that despite Microsoft’s sustained push, Windows 10 actually recoded its biggest drop in a long time last month. And to make matters

Barely Anyone Is Using Microsoft Edge

Except the faithful few. Windows 10 put up some really good numbers this past month, but this uptick in usage did not reflect on Microsoft Edge in any major fashion. The default web browser that comes with

Windows 10 Lays The Smack Down On Windows 7, XP

It’s that time of the month again! The one where we take a look at how the Windows ecosystem is doing. More importantly, the performance of Windows 10, and whether it is growing. Good to know, then,

Gains in Windows 8 Market Share Seen in December

Windows 8 saw a slight gain in market share in December 2012, according to NetMarketShare’s recently released statistics. From a 1.06% market share in November, Windows 8 climbed up to 1.77% by the end of December. That